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WordPress Security

Presented by Sam Hotchkiss in User.

In this talk, I’ll show you how to keep attackers out of your site. We’ll talk about the common attack vectors and what your vulnerabilities are as WordPress site owners. Then we’ll talk about ways to protect yourself including: setting up your site, connecting to your host, logging in, and writing safe code (if you’re so inclined). You’ll walk away with a list of action items, and a good grasp on how to be a safer netizen. This is NOT a dry, technical talk. It’s interactive and aimed at helping people at all levels get safer.

Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and PODS

Presented by Christopher Carvache in Intermediate Developer.

Learn how to use custom WordPress data types (custom post types, taxonomies and PODS). The focus will be on theme integration (more code oriented), how to identify when to use custom post types or PODS and what the main differences between custom post types and PODS are. The presentation will take the user through several case studies and give code examples for all scenarios.

How I convinced my boss to let me work on WordPress full-time

Presented by Helen Hou-Sandi in Business.

In November, we announced that 10up is enabling me to work on core full-time. I’m certainly not the first person by any means to get paid to work on WordPress, but the more the merrier, and I’d love to talk about how this happened and what the benefits are to the company and the community.

Optimizing WordPress Performance: PageSpeed and Load Times

Presented by Doug Yuen in Intermediate Developer.

What does a slow website truly cost? Site speed is a ranking factor in Google, and for good reason. Visitors have a short attention span, and will quickly leave a slow website, especially on mobile. I’ll discuss essential tools and techniques for measuring and improving your page load times and PageSpeed score. I’ll cover topics such as caching, image optimization, and plugin performance.

The Professional Design Process

Presented by Ulrike Gencarelle in Designer.

Ever wonder how advertising agencies come up with all those creative campaigns during Super Bowl?

Harness the tricks of the Creative Industry to build better looking websites which will get your viewers attention.

Learn about finding a great idea, why designers love to play detectives, the ‘design problem’ and how to surprise people with fresh content.

Participate in a quick brain storming session and use sketches and word lists to visualize ideas. Avoid miscommunication with your clients by using moodboards, mock-ups and wire frames.

Get to know tips and tricks of the trade to battle creative burn-out. Learn how to get peoples attention by tailoring your next WordPress project to your target audience.

In this fun session, we will take a look at the professional design process, talk about Design Thinking and try out tricks professional designers use to handle a successful, creative web design project from research and conception to development and publishing.

Introduction to Plugin Development

Presented by Thomas Morel in Beginner Developer.

This presentation is geared toward those that may understand what a plugin is but have never written one before. We will walk through how to create your first plugin and write a few functions that make use of some WordPress Core hooks (filters and actions). In conjunction with our discussion of plugins, we will also discuss the use of hooks that are available to you in WP Core and how to discover hooks available to your in the themes you use.

Save Time with WP-CLI

Presented by Taylor Lovett in Advanced Developer.

Tips, tricks, and techniques for saving time with WP-CLI. This will approach WP-CLI both from the user and development perspective. Writing WP-CLI commands.

Breaking Away from the Blog: Unconventional WordPress

Presented by Steven Word in Business.

With the blog market cornered, WordPress is both able and eager to meet new challenges; as the platform has matured, so have its APIs and functionality. This session aims to explore many of the unconventional applications of WordPress, as well as to encourage exploration into the many possibilities offered as the platform continues to advance.

Creating a Great Portfolio Website

Presented by Mel Choyce in Beginner.

If you’re a creative or technical professional, odds are you need a great portfolio website. What makes a good portfolio? What if you’re a writer, or a developer, and don’t have a lot of visual work to show? We’ll go over how to navigate the intimidating world of personal portfolio websites, using WordPress as our guide.

Customizing Your Theme using Firebug & Basic CSS

Presented by Laura Hartwig in Beginner.

For anyone with website who feels stuck with the theme they have, this presentation will give you incredible power to make changes to the look of your theme all on your own. No prior coding skills required, but I will introduce you to some basic CSS. I will introduce you to Firebug, and incredible free tool that you could be using tonight to make your website your own. Newbies welcome!

UX of Real-Time Site Personalization

Presented by Jesse Friedman in Designer.

Last year, I started building what I like to call “Dynamic Web Environments”, which are way more than just websites. My idea was to create a web environment that changes and molds itself, much like how responsive websites mold to a device, but this time to a users needs. The trick is to change the website before the user asks for it, or even before they know what they want. An experienced marketer can isolate and leverage patterns through good user data. It’s often easy to predict marketing trends around user interactions. If I buy a pair of jeans on a website, it’s likely I need a pair of shoes to go with it. Web designers, developers and marketers have been “up-selling” for a while now. This is not enough; we need to push ourselves to the next level. With a good developer, some great data and a little imagination you can start delivering impactful, intuitive, personalized websites. Websites, that bring content to users rather than making them hunt and peck for it.

Creating a Custom Freelancer Site Using WordPress

Presented by Dianna Huff in Beginner.

A detailed presentation on how freelancers and one-person shops can create impactful custom websites using WordPress that showcase their services.

Presentation will include strategies such as how to determine your message, positioning, developing the Services section, and the use of custom photography (versus stock images). Discussion will also include the merits / benefits of responsive design.

An Accidental Career In WordPress

Presented by Clinton Warren in Business.

I took an unusual path to build a career around WordPress, and have met some amazing people along the way. I’ve worked alongside some talented professionals and incredible mentors. In this talk I’ll share what I’ve learned as I’ve built two businesses around WordPress, what opportunities lie ahead, and why I feel the fun is just getting started.

How to Use Email to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

Presented by Brian Casel in Business.

If you blog, then you should be building an email list. Period. In this talk, we’ll uncover ways you can grow your audience, keep them coming back again and again, and form strong relationships with your readers – by moving your blog to your readers’ inbox.

Best practices are born during fire drills

Presented by Nate Berger in Intermediate Developer.

When should you use a plugin? When should you create a custom solution? That is the question… Learn how a high-profile WordPress build was fixed in the 11th hour and launched successfully just in time, after catastrophic plug-in failure.

Designing (and Theming) for Performance

Presented by Matthew Dorman in Designer.

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites are also the slowest, but you don’t have to limit yourself to square corners and solid background colors to speed up your WordPress site. There are a number of tips and simple techniques you can adopt in your current process to get both performance and great design in future projects.

The Pitch
While clear, many somehow forget the simple equation that:
Great design + fast loading pages + (great content of course) = more traffic.

The Stats

The presentation will start with results from a few sites, after improvements were made, that will give you the extra incentive to employ the techniques and tips described throughout the rest of the presentation.

The Focus
How to design and build super fast Drupal sites will be core to the presentation, but will not be limited as many are universal to all Web CMS platforms. You will come away from the presentation with a broader understanding of current performance improving trends no matter what systems you are working with.

Integrating Social Media with WordPress

Presented by Akilah Thompkins in User.

These days companies and entrepreneurs use social media to attract customers and build buzz. The problem is… much of the traffic you build on social media never makes it back to your site… and manually trying to keep your social media and WordPress site synced and working together can take hours.

In this presentation show how to integrate your social media strategy with your website. Including, how to get traffic off your Facebook, Twitter and social pages and onto your website, plugins and online tools that make the biggest impact and how to save time doing it all.

WordPress VIP Best Practices

Presented by Meeky Hwang in Advanced Developer.

WordPress VIP provides hosting and maintenance for high-profile websites. To maintain high quality of service, the development around WordPress VIP requires strict adherence to best practices and coding standards for themes and plugins. In this session we will discuss best practices, helpful tools and methods to meet WordPress VIP standards and further improve overall WordPress development practices.

Across The Social Continuum: Three Surprising Sites Powered by BuddyPress

Presented by Boone Gorges in User.

For those who haven’t used it, BuddyPress is a plugin that allows you to easily build a social community within your WordPress website. Boone is renowned for being an amazing presenter, and for those of us who saw him in October at the WordPress Stamford Meetup, we can all attest to that.

Case Study: Optimizing Your WordPress Website To Rank On The First Page of Google

Presented by Alex Miranda in User.

A live case on how he took a website from having zero keywords to having over 590 keywords ranking on the first page of Google without any link building or social media marketing. For the first time ever, Alex will give you a step by step insiders view on how he made this happen.
Included in his presentation will be:

  • WordPress SEO site structure
  • WordPress Plugins you will need
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization

Included in Alex Miranda‘s presentation, will be 5 killer WordPress SEO tips you do not want to miss.

Leveraging WordPress’s HTML5 Media Player

Presented by Jake Goldman in Advanced Developer.

Lost in all the conversation about the post format “shuffle” in WordPress 3.6 was the addition of MediaElement.js to core, an incredibly elegant, light weight media player for video and audio assets.

MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player that falls back to Flash on unsupported devices. It can be easily skinned, and has a nice little JavaScript API to control its behavior (say, auto playing a video when the visitor switches to a tab or scrolls down to a certain point on the page).

If you’re still using a third party video player like JW Player, want to jazz up your product site with some local video, or just skin the native video player to fit your theme, this talk is for you!