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How Becoming a WordPress SEO Expert Can Make You Filthy Rich

Here is a guest post from one of our speakers, Alex Miranda.

OK maybe becoming a WordPress SEO expert will not make you filthy rich, but you have to admit the title did grab your attention.

If you have a WordPress website then you are on your way to having a site which is not only easy to manage but with proper search engine optimization, it will leave your competitors in the dust.

Optimizing your WordPress site is not just about installing the proper SEO plugins. In Fact, WordPress is so search engine friendly that within a few weeks of properly optimizing your website, you will be ranking very well on Google. Continue reading How Becoming a WordPress SEO Expert Can Make You Filthy Rich

Speaker: Steven Word, “Breaking Away from the Blog: Unconventional WordPress”

We just secured another amazing speaker! Steven Word is a senior web developer working at Oomph Inc’s office in Boston, MA. Originally from Arlington, Texas, Steven made the move to Boston in 2011 after seven years of freelance web development. At Oomph, he specializes in developing enterprise-level websites on the VIP hosting platform. When he’s not swearing at bugs or celebrating a successful product launch, Steven enjoys spicy food, Toyota sports cars, banging on the drums, and pretending to be a beer snob. Rumor has it that he also plays a mean game of foosball. Steven currently lives with his incredible and loving wife in Melrose, MA.

Steven will be presenting Breaking Away from the Blog: Unconventional WordPress

With the blog market cornered, WordPress is both able and eager to meet new challenges; as the platform has matured, so have its APIs and functionality. This session aims to explore many of the unconventional applications of WordPress, as well as to encourage exploration into the many possibilities offered as the platform continues to advance.

Speaker: Jesse Friedman, “UX of Real-Time Site Personalization”

We are excited to announce another amazing speaker for our line-up, Jesse Friedman.
Jesse Friedman is a veteran WordPress developer. In 2012 he wrote the “Web Designers Guide to WordPress”. With years of a experience as a speaker and a Professor at Johnson & Wales University he delivers impactful and educational talks. Currently Jesse is the Director of Innovation at BruteProtect. Jesse co-organizes local WordPress meetups, and is very active in the community. He works closely with his students and others to share knowledge and bring forth a better future for web design and development.

He will be presenting on UX of Real-Time Site Personalization. Here’s what he says about his talk:

Last year, I started building what I like to call “Dynamic Web Environments”, which are way more than just websites. My idea was to create a web environment that changes and molds itself, much like how responsive websites mold to a device, but this time to a users needs. The trick is to change the website before the user asks for it, or even before they know what they want. An experienced marketer can isolate and leverage patterns through good user data. It’s often easy to predict marketing trends around user interactions. If I buy a pair of jeans on a website, it’s likely I need a pair of shoes to go with it. Web designers, developers and marketers have been “up-selling” for a while now. This is not enough; we need to push ourselves to the next level. With a good developer, some great data and a little imagination you can start delivering impactful, intuitive, personalized websites. Websites, that bring content to users rather than making them hunt and peck for it.

Speaker: Brian Casel, “How to Use Email to Grow Your Blog’s Audience”

If you blog, then you should be building an email list. Period. In this talk, we'll uncover ways you can grow your audience, keep them coming back again and again, and form strong relationships with your readers – by moving your blog to your readers' inbox.

Brian Casel is a web designer and entrepreneur based in Norwalk, CT. He’s also the author of Design For Conversions, and blogs regularly at Connect with Brian on Twitter: @CasJam

Speaker: Jake Goldman, “Leveraging WordPress’s HTML5 Media Player”

Incredible speakers keep joining our team to make WordCamp Connecticut into a real can’t miss event. Our newest speaker to sign on is Jake Goldman. Jake is the President of 10up, a full service digital agency that imagines, builds, and grows amazing websites with WordPress. At 10up, Jake serves brand name clients like TechCrunch, ESPN, Consumer Reports, NBC Universal, and Google. In less than 3 years, Jake built 10up from 1 to more than 50 full time employees.

Jake has been building websites since the mid 90’s, and has built web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy, major universities, and high profile non-profits. He has been quoted on publications like c|net, written for Smashing Magazine, taught at Boston University, and presented at conferences around the country. He is a core contributor to WordPress, maintains some highly rated WordPress plug-ins, and organizes the Sacramento WordPress Meetup.

His presentation will be on Leveraging WordPress’s HTML5 Media Player

Lost in all the conversation about the post format “shuffle” in WordPress 3.6 was the addition of MediaElement.js to core, an incredibly elegant, light weight media player for video and audio assets. MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player that falls back to Flash on unsupported devices. It can be easily skinned, and has a nice little JavaScript API to control its behavior (say, auto playing a video when the visitor switches to a tab or scrolls down to a certain point on the page). If you’re still using a third party video player like JW Player, want to jazz up your product site with some local video, or just skin the native video player to fit your theme, this talk is for you!

Speaker: Alex Miranda, “Case Study: Optimizing Your WordPress Website To Rank On The First Page of Google”

alex-mirandaWe are proud to announce another incredible speaker that will be joining us at WordCamp CT- Alex Miranda, a seasoned WordPress SEO and Digital Marketing guru at Marknet Group Inc.  Alex has been optimizing websites and getting them to rank on top of Google since 1998.

He is a highly sought after WordPress SEO trainer and has spoken at universities, WordCamps, conferences and corporate workshops. His “Google Loves WordPress” presentation was voted at WordCamp NYC 2012 as ‘Top 10’ by
A former executive chef, he enjoys dabbling in the kitchen during his spare time and is a master at dancing on rollerskating.
Alex will be presenting  “Case Study: Optimizing Your WordPress Website To Rank On The First Page of Google”.  A  live case on how he took a website from having zero keywords to having over 590 keywords ranking on the first page of Google without any link building or social media marketing. For the first time ever, Alex will give you a step by step insiders view on how he made this happen

Included in his presentation will be:
  • WordPress SEO site structure
  • WordPress Plugins you will need
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization

Included in his presentation, will be 5 killer WordPress SEO tips you do not want to miss.

Speaker: Boone Gorges, “Across The Social Continuum: Three Surprising Sites Powered by BuddyPress”

We’re proud to announce one of our first headline speakers at WordCamp 2014 – Boone Gorges. Boone is an independent software developer and consultant, specializing in WordPress plugins. He is a Lead Developer for BuddyPress, and oversees development on such projects as Commons In A Box, Anthologize, and Participad. Boone is a former academic, and most of his clients are universities and other non-profit institutions. In his spare time, he is a competitive crossword solver, a jazz pianist, and an afficianado of pizza and barbecue. He lives in New York City with his wife and son, and blogs at Teleogistic.

Boone will be presenting on “Across The Social Continuum: Three Surprising Sites Powered by BuddyPress”. For those who haven’t used it, BuddyPress is a plugin that allows you to easily build a social community within your WordPress website. Boone is renowned for being an amazing presenter, and for those of us who saw him in October at the WordPress Stamford Meetup, we can all attest to that.

Boone Gorges at the WordPress Stamford Meetup, October 2013
Boone Gorges at the WordPress Stamford Meetup, October 2013